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Give the brand a chance to build.

I pick up a variety of smaller boutique brands of cigars.  The owners are always anxious to get feedback but more critical – GET SALES!  Yes, sales.  SALES make the world go round.  Sales.  You know what?  Without sounding like a complete a..h… any rep can sell a cigar.  Get a sale.  It’s building the brand that takes the skill – that’s the goal.  But , oh…how soon after picking up a brand do I hear “Where are the sales?”  I could scream every time hear that question!


The real question oughta be how is the brand being received?  Do they like it?  Are people asking for another?  Can the cigar move on its own after being in the humidor for several weeks or months without the shop owner having to drag the customer over to the box and recommending it?  Once the word gets around that a cigar is good, the cigar will naturally sell – the brand will then begin its seminal journey. Go ahead spend thousands of dollars in CA and other magazines for ads that often look ridiculous and say the same thing in different words.  And those asinine tag lines?  Sure, get a rating. Get a high rating!  Be a cigar star and just because you’re the cigar star that comes out with a new brand – THAT’s the cigar that’s gonna sell and be around for awhile.  Oh, Yawn.

All boutique cigars have a shot at fame.  If the cigar is good, it sells.  If it’s consistent, it sells.  If the cigar is given a chance to make a name for itself, it sells.  Sure there’s going to be bumps in the road, but time is the golden egg here. Time. Yeah, the broker oftimes has to push the product, but the cigar has to speak whether I push it, shove it, or beg the owner to bring it in the humidor.  But if it’s a delectable cigar, slowly the brand begins to become recognized.  The BRAND is what sells over and over and over and over again.  And building that brand takes precious TIME.


Sweet tips are not my usual choice.

sweet tip

Picked up a cigar at a shop long ago and was able to meet its creator at the show for a brief conversation.  I didn’t smoke it for months.  It just sat there.  But since I met the guy who makes it I thought I’d give it a try.  Clip.  Yuuuukikkkk!  A sweet tip!  I loathe sweet tip cigars.  But I said to myself, I’m going to see if I can stomach this.  I light it, I still taste what I find out to be a subtle mix of brown sugar and organic honey.  It’s still disgusting.  But I carry on.  Talk about courage!

honey and brown sugara

After awhile I thought for sure the sweetness would dissipate but in this case it lingered though less potent.  (I may be overly sensitive to that addition.)  But as I continued to smoke the cigar what I began to take note of was the flavor of the cigar.  Talk about smooth and creamy.  I kept it lit, and I smoked it.  And in fact, I could not put it down. The flavor was so enrapturing that I didn’t want it to end.  The sweet tip was there, but in a strange way it began to complement the smoke.

Am I a convert?  No.  But there are a lot of guys who love the sweetness at the tip of a cigar and this is certainly one to put on your list to try if you do.  The Via…Havana Connecticut Dulce by Cuba Rica Tabacalera.  A smoke that I won’t soon forget.