The copy is true.

Inca on Gretsch

I picked up a line of cigars a bit back called INCA.  Here’s what the copy says, “From the mystical Amazon rain forest and the cradle of the cigar seed comes INCA Secret Blend.  The only Peruvian puro Peruvian cigars in the USA. Pure.  Natural.  Original.  A smoke like no other.”

A lot of the cigar copy written is just that “copy.” Copy this, copy that.  The above happens to be true.  Now I can’t say what the “secret blend” is, but there is something about this cigar that stops you in your tracks, or at least moves your ass in the leather chair you’re sitting in.

And don’t take it from me just because I rep it.  One of my mentors in this business who never minces words said just today, “It’s the best cigar in your bag.”  (I carry a bag with cigar samples.) Truthfully I was surprised to hear that, but then another regular comes over and lauds the cigar, and then another, and still another.  Hmmm.  Was this rehearsed?  Doubtful.

Here’s what I know, I try to pick cigars to offer that I have full confidence in.  This one was on the edge for me.  But from hearing the guys talk, and a few other comments during the week, I have a winner here.  And I claim it.  I even smoked it and it is distinctive.

So if you get a chance, ask your tobacconist for INCA.  If he doesn’t carry it, ask for it to be added to the box.  I have a hunch I’ve got something here.

(And yes, that box of INCA is sitting right on the snare drum of my classic 1964 Gretsch drum kit.)


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