Don’t judge. Wait.


I tried a new cigar today.  Not new to the world, but certainly to me.  I have to keep its name a secret because there’s a possibility that I’ll rep it.  But what I found to be disturbing was at the very beginning of the smoke, I was swayed to put it out.  It had a dull, no flavor lilt to it that really had me heading into the negative column.  I was at a shop testing it out, so I thought I had the time to concentrate on it while I waited for the owner to show up. How much time was the question.

Luckily the guy was late.  Really late   So I did have adequate time to smoke it.  And as I did it kept getting better and better and better.  Great construction, fabulous flavor, delightful aroma.  As I continued to enjoy the cigar, I was shocked, in retrospect, that I was so quick to judge.  I often criticize one owner who lights up a new cigar and before the butane has left the foot he says whether or not he gives it a thumbs up or thumbs down.  I roll my eyes when he does that (I do often wonder if he notices?)  Why?  Because to have an opinion about a cigar that fast is patently absurd.  But here I was – doing the same dumb thing.

So I went through the meeting (still smoking the cigar) but after I left I held on to my quick reaction I had about the taste of the cigar.  Could it be it was late in the day and I was just a bit tired of another cigar?  Could it be I really had a bad one?  Could it be I was becoming jaded?  I don’t know, but I did know to keep smoking it.  To give it a chance.  Had I not, its future would have been sealed – at least as far as I was concerned.

So again, experience trumped emotion and I’m damn glad it did.


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