kesara can

Who wants to make a cigar raise your hand.  I can imagine the waving appendages backed by screeches of, “Me!  Me!  Me!”  It happens all the time.  The “romance” of the cigar business gnaws at some people.  They can’t get it out of their brains.  It’s the green fields of tobacco leaves swaying in the sunny clime of say, Honduras, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua or Costa Rica.  The aromas of aging tobacco, the burst of energy exerted trying to blend the next miracle of the industry.  So you put in a bit of this, a shard of that.  Maybe call it a proprietary blend.

And you go through months of tests.  Different fermentation processes.  You experiment a little.  And then you roll the leaves and swish a flame at the foot of your creation.  You take a long draw and you almost faint with ecstasy.  You can’t believe you’ve made something this good.  This unique.  This memorable.  Ah, the dream of many a cigar aficionado to make a cigar that whispers “You discovered me, my friend.  You gave me life so I can give enjoyment to others.  To share the secret of a my existence.”


ruby slippers“Click.  Click.  Click.”  OK.  Snap out of it!  Look at the desk.  It’s a can of MBombay Kesara No. 4s.  Mel Shah didn’t just dream of making a cigar, he went ahead and did it.  He created a cigar that has legs.  Flavor.  Intrigue.  But he’s an infant in this business. Some things have to change.  But here’s the facts, the Kesara’s wrapper and binder is from Ecuador.  Its filler hails from Peru and the Dominican Republic.  It has a closed foot.  It’s superbly constructed, and smokes like heaven.  I guess with the right amount of determination and belief – dreams do come true.


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