My Reward.

suitcaseWhen I get home from a road trip, it’s the usual regimen.  I don’t have a hotel caddy so I have to drag the suitcase, cigar samples, bags and other paraphernalia out of the car.  It usually takes about three trips before the car is emptied out.  Then I begin to put everything away.  The cigar samples are usually first, then I empty the ice chest and suitcase, return the laptop to its shelf, slip the briefcase next to the desk, and go through the infamous canvas bag where I keep my magazines and books, note pads, cookies, and whatever else i decide to throw in there.  Once all that’s done the tension level begins to drop to normal.

This trip I returned on a Sunday.  Usually I get back on a weekday, but I had the wedding to attend so I stayed over Saturday night at the hotel.  There were no dogs to walk right away,  The neighbor has Bob and the animal hospital has Flo.  I love it when I come home and the house is empty.

And all the while I’m doing these things I’m thinking about what cigar shall I smoke this time?  I have quite a variety so I have lots to choose from. Question is which one?  It’s my reward for completing another week away from home.  So I go to my storage humidor in the basement and I peruse my choices.  Today happened to be a beautiful, crystalline blue afternoon so I was in a pretty good mood, plus I knew I would be able to grab one and light it up on the patio and enjoy.

wa groupToday I chose a Wilson Adams cigar from Nicaragua.  It’s a small boutique brand made by Plasencia.  There are two wrappers, the Habano and the Sumatra.  All the magazines have reviewed the white label or Habano, so as any contrarian would do, I picked the red banded one or the Sumatra wrapper.  I pulled out a robusto from the bag and headed for the patio.  (My wife was still on the way home from the wedding so I knew I had the time to just sit back and cash in on my reward.)

It was a good choice.  The entire make up of the cigar is a Sumatra wrapper, blended with a Pennsylvanian binder and, as it says in the copy, a “predominately Nicaraguan filler”. Now what exactly “predominately” means is anybody’s guess.  (I think it’s a shard of PA leaf that gives the cigar its satisfying rustic flavor.)  But I didn’t over analyze and lit it.

close up WADraw – near perfect.  A stately, sturdy gray ash formed, the wrapper was a uniform color, there was no bitterness and its spiciness stayed with the stick throughout.  In fact, I smoked it until I couldn’t hold it.  A good sign.  Now where this brand will go, I don’t know.  But if Wilson Adams can stay consistent (?) being from such a large factory, the market may just have another winner on its hands.


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