Would Seinfeld Approve?

ash 1I was going to write a review on a cigar I smoked today.  It was a good cigar, but it had a sweet tip and I hate sweet tips.  I liked the amount of smoke, the flavor was smooth, save for the sweetness that lingered.  It was creamy and the construction was exceptional.  Then I noticed the ash.  Hmmm. Good looking ash.  Kind of gray in hue, with ripples of darker gray, mixed with black.

Then I began to think about the ash.  What difference does it make?  Some aficionados say that the whiter the ash the more magnesium is in the soil ergo the better the flavor of the tobacco.  So what was this one, so so soil?  ash 2I began to look through my cigar pics on the phone and I found another shot of an ash that looked similar.  But it was from a different region, and that would mean the soil should be different and the color should be just a little different.  But here it was, gray, with shards of darker gray accented with black. Looks just like the other ash.  But it’s a different cigar entirely.  Best thing to do is to look at another ash.  So I scrolled through my library of pics (only about 650, I don’t take that many) and behold I found one that wasn’t the same.

ash 3This ash had much more gray and even shades of white.  Magnesium?  Hardly any black stripes. I tried to remember the region it came from but I couldn’t.  So I had to surmise that this was just a better cigar because the ash was lighter.  Even more compact.  A conundrum.  I do remember the tastes of the three cigars and I liked them all, except for the sweet tipped one, but you already know that.

Next question was do I light up still another to see what the ash reveals.  Or do I study in greater detail the ash that was depicted in the photos.  I couldn’t make up my mind.  I wanted to be thorough because what good is a review if you can’t be clear on your analysis.  Each time I took the pics I was solo.  So I had to go on my own instincts.

This was a tough one, I began to think to myself.  If the ash makes a difference, how come they all tasted rather good to me?  Plus the ash is going to be trashed anyway, so what’s the point?  Maybe it’s so others could see the quality of the cigar I smoke.  But no one was around, so I couldn’t impress anyone.  I just had to admire each ash for its residual tobacco and live with it.  But what a burden for the reviewer.  The cigar has to be looked at from all the angles not just the ash.  JerrryI was beginning to see that this review was not going to take place. If I couldn’t come to a conclusion about the ash, how was I going to come up with an honest opinion of the cigar when you add in the wrapper, the filler, the binder, the country of origin. It was too much.  I was overwhelmed.

I picked up the cigar I was smoking and the ash fell to the floor and scattered into a thousand little pieces of ash. Maybe I wasn’t being detailed enough. Maybe I should have tasted it?


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