Then Let’s Keep Dancing.

dons placeThis event had been planned for weeks in advance.  Location was Delafield, Wisconsin’s Lake Country Cigars.  Time 4pm to 8pm.  Special appearance by Erik Espinosa from La Zona – An Esposito Cigar Extravaganza!  Be there.

The plan was to pick Erik up at the airport at 10:45am.  So I was there in plenty of time.  In fact, I had to go around several times because I was early.  So I’m driving in circles.  I get a call from Erik.  Now around the airport cellphone use for drivers is prohibited.   You have to keep driving until you see the person you’re supposed to pick up and then when you do spot him, you can head toward the curb, pick up the passenger and head out.

So I keep going around and I keep getting calls from Erik asking me where I am.  I tell him you have to be on the outer circle downstairs.  He tells me I am.  “I’m by number four.”  Number four?  There is no number four.  The numbers only go up to three.   I say I don’t see him.  I tell him I’m driving a silver Honda Accord and he tells me he has a black hoodie on because he thought it would be colder.  So I go around again.  He calls again.  I’m talking on my cell hoping I don’t get spotted by Chicago’s finest.   Finally he asks me, “Are you in Milwaukee?”  “MILWAUKEE!”   “Hell no, I’m in Chicago at O’Hare!”

“I’ll get a rental.”  With all the planning he failed to tell me he was flying into Mitchell Airport in Milwaukee.  When he called yesterday, he said he’d meet me at the airport and I, being from Chicago, figured it would be O’Hare.  We hung up our cell phones and I made a beeline for Delafield.

don and erik

But it all worked out.  I got to the shop and there he was.   “Did Erik tell you what happened?”  I asked Don the owner, who came to greet me at the door.  “He just told me.”  Great start I thought to myself.  But luckily the cigars were already on the table, the signs were out, and the guys were there. I said a quick hello to the crew that was there for the event – and I wasn’t even late.

The rest of the evening went like clockwork.  Erik wasn’t upset at all.  We chatted for a few minutes and then we started to sell some of the best cigars on the market today.

guysIt was a relaxing event, the guys were all buying the cigars.  But with no supper under my belt, it was a blessing that the Soup Guy was there, Steve, from the Wisconsin Soup Company, pouring delicious hot homemade soup into little plastic cups for the guests.  I had to eat something, so I tried the baked potato concoction and it was a delight.   But for the rest of the evening, I stayed close to the display and did what I came there to do – sell cigars.

As they say, “S@#t happens.  But in the end it all worked out and the event was a remarkable success.


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