Fresh is Best!

turkey dinnerThanksgiving was great.  And so are the leftovers.  But they are never as delicious as the piping hot turkey, dressing and accoutrements that are offered on the day of celebration.

Drink day old beer that’s been sitting in the fridge.   Or go to the extreme and put one of those plastic caps on it as you would do to your canned dogfood and see if that helps preserve the flavor.   Then give it a swig.  Isn’t that yummy?  And what goes for beer goes for an ice cream cone, or a shake or basil.  It’s ruined beyond repair when it isn’t fresh.  Maybe Walter Messenbrink  (God rest his soul) would eat moldy cheese, or slimy bologna, but he was an anomaly.  He wasn’t of this world!

single cigar

And that’s what a fresh cigar should be – unadulterated, fresh and pristine.  Smoked and finished on the same day.  You can’t enjoy a leftover cigar.  Yet I see it all the time.

A guy fires up a cigar when he knows that he’s not going to have the time finish it?  “Well, gotta go.” So he cuts the cigar’s life short by snipping off the lighted end.  Some of the old timers blow out the smoke honestly thinking that that action will dissipate all the impurities created while being smoked.   And to make matters worse he then slides it into a tube?  Then, when the cigar is retrieved it’s going to smoke as fresh as when he first bought it?

All lies!  Heresy!  Blasphemy!   It was still hot when it was put in the tube.  The head was wet from being in the mouth.  The cigar is going to sit in that tube after hot smoke has already passed over fresh tobacco leaves.  It will begin to reek and absorb microscopic residual smoke.   It will become a non-smokable remnant of rolled tobacco.  Ponder this question, “Will the dead cigar really come back to life after it has been entombed in its own sarcophagus?”

tibetNO!  NEVER!  You can’t beat a freshly cut cigar that’s slowly pulled from its cellophane sleeve, then lighted up with whatever – cedar spills, a butane lighter, or Sulphur-free matches.  You will never duplicate that first luxurious draw of fresh, pure smoke from aged tobacco that you’ve been dreaming about all day – from the moment you got out of bed until now – relaxing in the warm, friendly cigar lounge with all your friends.  And then you take the second draw, when the flavors begin to mingle with each other and then, with your eyes slowly beginning to close, you and your fresh cigar begin the journey to the crystalline mountains of Tibet where everything is fresh, clean, and pure.


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