Going back.

magsI started to receive The New Yorker again.  I haven’t had a subscription, or even picked up a copy in years.  So why now?  A sale!  I got it cheap.  I have seen it on the newsstand but I just wasn’t going to fork out $7.99 per issue to get it.  So it sat.  Next thing I see is I can get a year’s worth of the magazine for $1.00 an issue PLUS $5.00 off the special price.  How could I resist?  Will I keep it past the expiration date?  (Shrug.)

Look, I could have gone to the library to read it, but who has the time to do that.  I’m, a Luddite when it comes to reading newspapers, magazines, books etc.  I do my reading off of paper.  So crucify me.

So I get my first issue last week and I noticed how much it has changed.  It had a beautiful cover, perfect fonts, and brilliant colors.  It was much thinner than I ever thought The New Yorker could shrink to.  I was taken aback.  But I was getting it for the content.

See, I’ve been getting New York magazine for at least the past 30 years.  It’s changed too.  But not to the extent that The New Yorker has.  Here are the facts; Clay Felker (the original publisher) of New York had an idea about reporting about those issues of the day, and centering around the greatest city on the planet – New York.  But his magazine changed over the years, too.

New York I would say is the contemporary version of The New Yorker.  New York was always sassy and edgy, whereas The New Yorker was always for those interested in literature, funny cartoons, and high-toned movie reviews.  But here’s the kicker – they both changed.  I probably haven’t noticed the changes as much in New York because I’ve been getting it for so long.  But I noticed all the changes in The New Yorker because I ignored it.

But I like the changes.  I like the brevity of the articles and the writing style of the writers.  I adore the cartoons because they have changed with the times.  They’re a bit more risqué now, they have touched on the dark side at times.

clusterSo could this all be true for those cigar smokers who have had the same stick in their mouth since they stopped breastfeeding?  Has smoking the same cigar for the past few years developed into nothing more than complacency or (organ music) – a habit?  Sure, you smoke it because you like it.  No harm.  No foul.  But do you really like just that one cigar?  I suppose it could happen.  But why not pick up one of the old brands you once smoked and give it another shot.  Maybe it has changed like The New Yorker did.  The palate has changed.  The cigar has to possess minute nuances you maybe never noticed before.  Age changes everything – so why not cigars.  If it takes a sale to nudge you into trying one of the older brands, then so be it.

For me it was the timing, and sheer dumb luck that I saw the advertisement for the deal.  So I took advantage of it and I’m so pleased that I did.  Some of the old brands get a bad rap.  Stodgy.  Not cool.  You know what’s cool?  Guts.  Get some and push past your limitations.  Don’t ignore the new stuff, but don’t take the old stuff for granted.  I still read New York.  I’m not going to drop it.  But you just might find something you once liked that you can like again.




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