I Need Moya!

A writer will never panic when an idea won’t enter the cranium.  Just let the ideas flow.  Today was filled with meetings and by the time I got to the office here at home, I had nary a smidgen of one for The Blog!

So I get into the house and it’s getting later than I want to start writing.  Nothing.   I turn the corner into my office and there’s a package on the desk.  I pick it up and see who it’s from.  Bam!  (Thank You Emeril.)

There’s the idea -a package of cigars from Danny Moya.  Who’s Danny Moya?  He’s got a couple of sticks that he wants me to review and said he’d get them right out to me and he did.  That’s motivation.

la jugada

I quickly open the envelope and pull out the contents.  Ah.  La Jugada and The Rake – and both are urging me in their own way to give them a try.  I pick The Rake.  Now, I have not read any reviews on The Rake.  I think that’s in Danny’s favor so I won’t be influenced.  I do go on the website to get some background.

Danny is co-founder of Moya Ruiz Cigars.  His creations are made at La Zona of Espinosa fame.  He offers an eclectic variety of cigars – La Jugada, The Chinese Finger Trap, (need I hint what enrobes the cigar?), the Nunchuck (a little gimmicky, guess what they look like), and The Rake.

the rakeThe Rake is wrapped in Connecticut Broadleaf, and the filler and binder are undisclosed (I hate when a manufacturer does that, but to each his own.)  It comes in four sizes.   I was sent the slightly box pressed Rake Cut (5 x 52) – my favorite ring gauge.

The wrapper is a deep, brown shade and looks delicious.  I cut the end and find that the pre-draw is luscious.  Perfect.  My first puff was disturbed by the funky lighter that I used so I went on to the second draw.  The depth of flavor was heart stopping.  First I tasted roots, tree roots with earth surrounding the spidery image.  Next to that was the essence of black pitch – a full handful of deep, dark flavors that intermingled with just the slightest touch of spice and pepper – freshly ground.

Go ahead, go to the neighborhood greenhouse and with warm hands scoop up two big gobs of black pitch and let it rise to body temperature and draw in the aroma and that’s the true essence of the first few puffs.  Then the strength begins to filter through the rolled leaves onto my palate.  I’m a bit disappointed that I have to work a little to get the quantity of smoke that I’m used to, but after playing with the end, I begin to figure out how the smoke travels and after that there is no problem at all.

moya ash

Its ash starts out dark gray and then morphs into a white remnant of burnt tobacco leaves and then goes back to black (Thank you Amy).   I’m in a lounge so there’s nothing to distract me like wind, or temperature.  I’m relaxed in a big chair with an ergonomic cushion so I can say that this is a moment to savor.

The Rake’s aroma is alluring and pulls me along as a woman’s perfume would attract me and I couldn’t get enough because she’s getting off the elevator.  Is this erotic?  No.  I’ll stop there.  Then the spice that was just a wispy essence in the beginning begins to grow in intensity and explodes on the tongue that stays with me for the rest of the smoke.  And I drew this one down to the end.  The strength has picked up and the combination of the two gives The Rake its distinction and pedigree in this arena.  Is it a spice bomb?  Nope, but there’s enough of a tang forcing the electrical impulses in my brain to fully connect to the idea that this is one cigar that delivers – whether cards are involved or not.



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