freedomYou are now reading a FREE blog.  Nothing is off limits as regards special interests or the accusations of spamming, or intrusions of any kind.  It is your choice to get in contact with the blog and I hope that you do.  Yes, I am disappointed with the way the blog was bandied about from some of the groups.  I was under the impression that we are all a cohesive cigar community of leaf lovers and what a broker would have to say about his daily observations would be of interest to anyone that smokes a cigar.  I was wrong.  So now, you have your own choice of reading The Blog! or not.  (You always did, all you needed to do was scroll past the article – no harm no foul.)  Now you can read the blog on my wall, and the following links (if you like my page you get the blog automatically)  or directly thru WordPress at  or (if we are friends the blog is posted automatically)   or – or you are now able to download my app:   Irv CigarBroker: The Blog! via iTunes or the Android app stores.

I actually thought of trashing the whole project, but too many people were on the positive side of the ledger and I will not disappoint.  Maybe, now knowing what I know, I will be even more open about the cigar business, cigar reviews and cigar-related news, etc.  My blog is not your typical one, and I had enough comments of “Keep it up brother;  I love reading your blog; I’ve been entertained by your work,” to roll over and p&#s on myself.  So that’s the last I have to say about my move away from the groups.  The end.  And now for today’s blog. . .



Every once and awhile I have a cigar that’s a sleeper.  It moves, but at a tortoise’s pace.  It’s a great cigar, has won blind-taste contests over Cuban cigars, and has longevity on its side.  That cigar is the Daniel Marshall Red Label Cigar.  

Daniel’s cigar has been in production since 1996.   It’s a Nica cigar that has street cred.  It just doesn’t have a fancy name, or a band that glows in the dark.  It’s a traditional cigar that is to be smoked as one would relax and enjoy the whole experience.

The flavor is not a mish-moshed cornucopia of pencil lead, leather, or corned beef hash, it is a true, long leaf filler cigar with tobacco that delivers what I think every cigar smoker in the world wants, aged tobacco flavor with the subtle essences of chocolate, espresso, and the expectation of consistency along with the perfect draw and burn.  And he has achieved this over and over and over again each year now for the past 20 years.dmb

So why isn’t the Daniel Marshall Red Label cigar on everyone’s rotation?  Because he has invested his time and energy promoting the cigar in Europe, going head-to-head with the Cuban cigars.  His enthusiasm is also plowed into his production of some of the finest humidors ever made.  He has literally traveled the world presenting his humidors to Heads of State. Presidents, movie stars, and the glitterati of the cigar social set (and there is a cigar social set).

DM humidor1

His mark has been made in the European market for both his artisanal passions, and now he wants the cigar smokers in the US to experience that same feeling of elegance and élan that seems to be second nature in Europe.  He wants to concentrate on the smokers in the US so they, too, can be entranced with his style of panache.

He has just come out with a 10-count box of all his sizes.  There are seven sizes, so no one can say he is not giving the cigar smoker – young and old – a choice.  His line includes the robusto, torpedo, churchill, corona, petite corona, the gigante for those who just have to get their mouths stretched, and the “Papa Joe” panatela.

Daniel is also introducing a new blend and this is exciting news after all these years.  He’s experimenting with a new manufacturer and who knows what he’ll come up with.  All I know is that he is only interested in producing the “Talk of the Town.” (New Yorker)



And it goes so well with a Taratino film.  I picked “Django Unchained” and even though I wasn’t able to smoke the cigar while watching the movie, I mentally immersed myself simultaneously in both the movie and the cigar.  The Daniel Marshall Red Label was the perfect complement to a sad and sordid chapter in our history that was made watchable with the memory of a calming cigar by one of the best.




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