Ain’t got no…


Aretha Franklin is the only person on this planet who can sing “Respect!”  Others have tried, but it just isn’t the same.  The soul of the song isn’t there when others try.  I could go and play rendition after rendition and no one can get close to the power, the sparkle, the inner feelings she blasts out to her audience.  It is hers and she deserves first prize for giving the word such long lasting intensity and passion as she does.

aretha franklin

And the word itself is one that has meaning that cannot be diluted.  The dictionary definition states, “A feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements.  Synonyms include: esteem, regard, high opinion, admiration, reverence, deference, and honor.

A simple sentence using the word would be, “I have great respect for the way he does business.”

Fact is, in today’s world there’s not enough of it.  It seems as if the word has been forgotten or ignored or not even considered.  And that’s a shame.

But I have to say something about being disrespected.  Of course, “disrespected” is just the opposite of being respected.  The dictionary definition states, “Lack of respect, esteem, or courteous regard.”  And I think there is more of that swirling around the world than what Aretha sings about.

There’s a city that has an old cigar shop in it.  It’s been there for years and years.  It does a good business.  The original owner was thought of as a good guy.  Time passes and so do people, so a new owner took over a few years ago and has kept the flavor of the shop intact.  It’s a bit messy, eclectic in nature, ha a small humidor but well–stocked.  The shop is fun to sit down in and have a cigar at.  It’s a neighborhood cigar store.  The neighborhood only needs one.

But recently, the discovery of the wave in space a few weeks back that shocked the scientific world was duplicated.  This is the discovery that another cigar shop is opening nearby the older shop shocked the cigar world.  In fact, you can see the new one from the old shop’s bathroom window.  It’s 99 paces away through the parking lot.  At least the wave is light years away and won’t bother a soul on earth.  This will bother a soul on earth – the owner of the old shop.

I know more details than I’m not going to reveal because I don’t have all the facts confirmed.  All I really have is what I saw.  And from what I saw the new shop is disrespecting the old shop.  Why?  I don’t know.  There could be a situation I’m not aware of.  Maybe the old shop is selling.  So why not open another in the neighborhood.  There can be a lot of reasons.

But I do know that I’m not going any further with the story until I get both sides of it.  But on the surface of it, the new owner isn’t giving the old owner any R-E-S-P-E-C-T!




3 thoughts on “Ain’t got no…

  1. Patricia J. Holzworth Quinto

    I agree I have her song actually a whole cd of her. I’ve always loved the Motown sound I have quite a collection such as JAMES BROWN—- I FEEL GOOD! LALALA on and on– I’m NOT going to SMOS St Pat’s party mar 5th,2016. I’m going with my elderly cousin to Gaelic park right on Mar 17. shes Celeste KENNEALY. I entered into Original Chicago on fb you quailify! LoL its fun I got 30 likes already! I ALWAYS LIKE IT WHEN PEOPLE LIKE ME! HAHA



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