La Rosa de Sandiego Cigars


The Three Stooges were an American vaudeville and comedy act of the mid–20th century, best known for their numerous Columbia short subject films that are still syndicated on television. Their hallmark was physical farce and slapstick.” (Wikipedia)   Their names are synonymous with three.  There was a fourth stooge but he dropped out (think Pete Best – dumb move). Some things are just meant to be a trio. Peter, Paul and Mary, three blind mice, and La Rosa de Sandiego cigars.

3 stooges

I almost passed this brand up, and I haven’t signed on the dotted line either.  But I have to give the manufacturer full marks for creating three cigars that mesh as well as the above mentioned.  The company that manufacturers La Rosa is American Caribbean Cigars from Nicaragua.  They have been making cigars for others, but when the time to pull away and create a brand of its own came, it seems ACC may have hit pay dirt.


A lot of the info on the cigars has already been reported in the other blogs and I’m not one for repeating old news.  But I am one for dissecting the cigar and speculating how it’ll fare in the marketplace of competition.  And brother is there competition.  Plus you have these guys who smoke a cigar for a few weeks and they’re onto something else to contend with.habstats

But I think this trio of cigars may have an advantage.  The first one I smoked was the Habano.  It was mild and had a smoothness to it that was carried throughout the cigar.  No bitterness.  What I didn’t care for was on its journey to the office here, it may have had a chance to dry out and that was an annoyance that may have given the cigar the heave ho.  But I did smoke it through and I enjoyed the flavor of caramel.  Though I have to admit it was light caramel, nothing too distinguishable but definitely there.

The second one I lit up was the Connecticut.  Disclaimer: I do not like that wrapper.  I don’t care where it’s from, I find it to be grassy and like sucking on hay.  Oh, I know there are those that don’t taste like that, but if I have a choice, I’m going for the Habano or the Maduro. ctrosa

This one had some flavor and the caramel became a bit more intense.  I liked that.  Plus the draw was perfect and that added to its cred from the get go.  The spice was subtle, like a few grains of pepper on ice cream.  (Try it sometime and you’ll get what I mean.)   So I have to say that one thing unique about this Connecticut was that it had some Pennsylvanian tobacco mixed in with the Nicaraguan.  I like PA tobacco.  It has a touch of flavor that is, shall I say it, is in the umami category.  If you read my blogs you’ll know what I’m talking about  – and I’m assuming you are – reading the blogs.madrosa

The third was the Maduro.  It has the San Andres wrapper and I can take it or leave it.  For a time no one wanted anything to do with San Andres and now it’s the gift of the Magi to cigars and I think it’s simply because the palates of the naysayers got used to it.  I’m still not a real fan, but then again it depends on a lot of factors and one is the fermentation process.  No secrets will be given away by any manufacturer so if it adds some depth to the smoke, it’s done right, if it adds bitterness – it’s done wrong.  And I’ve tasted plenty of the wrong.  Again the caramel essence came up but this time it was as if it has been roasted over a coal fire and I enjoyed that change up.   It not only added a characteristic that made this maduro stand out, but was just plain pleasant to taste.ctburn.jpgIt’s done.  All three.  And If I were to rank the cigars in order of preference I would go for the Connecticut, then the Habano, and have the Maduro at third place – my opinion.  And, even though the blends are all different (you can read the blends for yourself), the cigars have a unity that make them the perfect trio – breakfast, lunch and dinner.  And I’m sure you would be craving for that caramel essence each and every time.

Will this brand survive and will I rep it? I can’t say.  But I can say it’s the ideal trio of blends that don’t conflict with each other, but rather complement each other.  Hey, it goes right along with Moe, Larry and Curley for laughter, the three blind mice for a silly rhyme, or Peter, Paul and Mary for the enjoyment of melodious harmony.

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