There are literally hundreds of cigar sites on the web.  Today I joined one that I could not resist called – Cigar Sense.  I will defer to the web’s copy:

“Cigar Sense is the brainchild of Franca Comparetto, president of Cigar Sense Inc., and inventor of our cigar analysis process.  Franca is certified in both the United States (Tobacconist University CST) and her home country of Italy (CCA/Catadore) –  [CCA stands for Cigar Club Association.  It is an Italian association structured to support cigar clubs by means of services and benefits to the clubs’ members.  Born in 1999, it promotes the cigar culture, mainly by means of events and Catadores courses.  Since 2003 “Sigari!” is the CCA official magazine and is published 4 times a year for distribution to all members.  CCA is rapidly expanding.  Today (early 2016) it counts 40 member clubs, including Switzerland, Greece.  Requests for additional member clubs include France.]

She led tasting and educational events for cigar lovers in the San Francisco Bay Area.  She is also an experienced business manager and has worked for large multi-national corporations.  Franca is joined by her husband David Wells, an independent management consultant, computer engineer and lover of fine cigars.  Together they have launched Cigar Sense to help other cigar lovers easily identify – among the thousands out there – those products which will delight their senses.

Our team of international passionate and experienced smokers does the heavy lifting, rigorously analyzing hundreds of premium cigars to build our catalog.  Through blind-tests, they describe the mechanical, raw, gustative (of or pertaining to taste) and overall organoleptic (pertaining to or by a sensory organ) perceived  characteristics presented by each cigar at the highest degree of detail.”

Now, I’ve been communicating with Franca for some time through Linkedin.  A brief bio will also be taken from the site:franco c

Franca is a Certified Catador [“Catador” is a Spanish term that can refer to either the cigar factory itself, or to the person who tastes or samples the cigar (which is much more commonly used). (Wiki)

Certified Sales Force Tobacconist (Tobacconist University)

Panelist at Cigar Journal

Contributor to the Italian/English magazine ‘LiveIn Style’

Served as advisor of the Board of the Puromotivo Torino Cigar Club, Italy

Served as contributor to the Italian nationwide Cigar Club Association

Creator of Cigar Sense


 I’ll be honest, and I apologize if this is slightly embarrassing to admit, I first noticed her – and then her association with the world of cigars.  Though I’m not exactly sure how we connected, although I know it was through Linkedin.

So today, I am a full-fledged member, and I even went and tried out the site http://www.cigarsense.com/.  I have to give Franca full marks for casting a wide variety of experts. She has a team working with her and has such an incredible array of details at her disposal that anyone can and should join to get a thumbnail of what cigars are best suited for your personal tastes.

I was shocked to see what the results were for me.  After I answered a variety of questions that had to do with taste, aroma, size, likes and dislikes, the cigar that I am 90% suited for is:  Davidoff’s Puro D’Oro Magnificospurodoro_magnificios_sgl“(The cigar) sings with flavor. The boldest cigar in the richest of the Davidoff series balances heady espresso, chocolate and nut aromas with earthy pepper and spice undertones for deep, luxurious enjoyment.”  (I have to quote the site because I’ve never had one, but I’m going to now!)

STRENGTH:  *****

FORMAT: Robusto

PROVENANCE:  Dominican Republic

LENGTH:  5 1/8″



But I’m a boutique guy!  No matter, it’s good to know all the sides of your personality as best you can.  So my suggestion is to join Franca’s site and discover your inner cigar being.









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