“It’s just another day.”

The sun was just coming up and I was right on time -7am.  Traffic was light so I would be there on time.  I’m 10 miles from Green Bay, Wisconsin so I figured I’d take a small break at a rest stop. That done, I quickly reviewed the phone messages, and I’m glad I did.  The meeting in Green Bay had been canceled only 20 minutes ago.  What’s the first word out of my mouth?

I get on the horn and contact Appleton Cigar and ask Bob if it’s OK to come early.  He’s said that’s fine.  So I reschedule Maggie, my GPS, and I’m on my way.  Good meeting there. Then off to Germantown to visit Metro and that was that.

my bag

One day in the life of this cigar broker.  My bag was ready to be unpacked when I got home and now I’m scheduling for tomorrow.

Click on the link.  Enjoy your evening.



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