“We’ve got a thing, going on.”


This hasn’t happened to me in a few years now.  And I’m surprised it has reoccurred.  It’s A feeling that’s really simple, but complex all rolled in one.   You know how you have a crush on someone.  A real, honest to goodness infatuation that you can’t explain but you know it’s there.  You can feel it, your heart races, you get light-headed and its romantic iron grip won’t let you go?

infatuationWell. I am infatuated, I have a crush, I am in the position of feeling a jones for a cigar I recently began to rep.  I’m completely dumfounded that it’s as “real as can be” – thanks Beetle Juice.  I was not impressed with the sample size that I was sent a few weeks ago, so I didn’t smoke it.   I just let it sit.  T’was a gordo (6 X 60).  I loathe that size, as I do the 70s, 80s, 90s and anything else that balances on the razor sharp edge of a description that could possibly have a double entrendre attached (a word or expression used in a given context so that it can be understood in two ways, especially when one meaning is risqué) sticking out of my mouth.

Eventually the robustos showed up.  I took a good look at them and the appearance alone was intoxicating.  I had to have one.  I can’t remember exactly whether it was a Saturday or a Sunday, or what day it was, it doesn’t matter!   Fact is, I took one out of the bundle right then and there and headed outside to smoke it.

dmrockAnd when I lit that cigar I fell in love, as much as “in love” you can be with a cigar – that’s why I’m relegating my emotion to a jones.  Now for those who don’t know what a jones is, the Urban Dictionary states, a jones “(c)an be used as a verb (Jonesing) or a noun (a jones).  Describ(ing) a state in which one experiences (a) strong desire or attraction, often of a sexual nature.  Equivalent “to fancy”, “crushing on”, “to want.”

And that’s what I have for the Cornelius & Anthony’s Daddy Mac.  A hardcore,  pure, unadulterated, and non-censored jones for a cigar.   Now before anyone likens this to kissing up, or being a shill for C & A let me tell you something you may not know about me.  I’m my own man.  I’ve walked away from many a deal because of that principle and will continue to do so as long as I’m who I am, and I don’t see my identity or attitude changing from that stance.  So I am not kissing up or being a shill.  No one asked me to write this.

Now the reason I’m bringing this up is that this overwhelming feeling happened once before with another cigar, which will go unnamed.  That will be for another post.  But when it happened, I had no outlet to tell anyone.  Now I can’t really care if you have an interest in my affection or not, but I do care if you are intrigued enough to give Daddy Mac a try.

Sound like a commercial?  Me telling you how I feel about a cigar I rep.  What’s wrong with that?

comebetweenI don’t care if you buy the cigar or not.  But I’ll bet you any money that once you place a Daddy Mac in your mouth and light it up, a warm feeling of sheer ecstasy is going to flood your body as it did mine and you won’t be able to cool down.  Nothing will come between you and your Daddy Mac.  I dare you to deny it.  Ok, be a contrarian.  Criticize the Daddy Mac.  You’ll be doing it just to be the only “intelligent” one in the bunch with the better palate.  Man, you be playing the fool.

Go Billy. . .https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mWOTdt9Bovk


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