Expansion. . .


Expanding my waistline would be no problem if I ate the above combo every day for lunch.  Thank goodness I have a fast metabolism.  Eating “fast food” as I do sometimes, can be disturbing.  In fact, it can be downright abhorrent.  But it’s quick and relatively tasty.  And I also know of the consequences – a belly of disproportionate size, as well as my having to purchase new pants and a longer belt.  Not to mention what the fat content is doing to my arteries.  It’s costly to eat poorly.

But it’s just like in my business.  Being a cigar broker full-time is a fast-paced endeavor.  This, in light of what I offer to the public – tobacco.  There are times when, in order to keep up, I have to take shortcuts to stay afloat.  Do I take these time savers daily?  Of course not.  But I must move along with the current to at least stay in the race.

tarzan.jpgWith all the slings and arrows being aimed at our hearts, I’ve decided to thump my chest, yell out loud like a maniacal Tarzan, and swing from branch to branch and move forward.  How to do this?  Start my own website as mentioned in yesterday’s blog.

After talking to my son, who is a brilliant sponge of knowledge and has his pulse on the cyber community – the website is a forgone conclusion.  He said that I needed a hub (thank you Blackberry) where all the spokes can be connected in today’s frantic environment.  Ergo, the site.

Its name will be www.irvcigarbroker.com – nothing more, nothing less.  I’ve examined page after page of templates and I think I’ve found one that reflects my disposition of fierce independence.  I’m debating on whether or not to publish the site, sans content, and place it into the mainstream with – another “Under Construction” notice.  I will have to confer with my consultant.

Here’s why I bring this up again.  With our businesses being invaded by the forces of government, everyone in the industry must take a position of solidarity.  We need to make as much “noise” as possible for the “powers-that-be” to hear us.  And trust me, The Establishment (Ooops!  Just gave my age away!) is looking at our texts, our emails, and our websites – often without our knowledge despite the brouhaha Congress made about what the NSA can and cannot do with our privacy.

We are, believe it or not, a FREE people.  We can make our own decision as to what is good and what is bad.  When it is good –we revel in the joy of our successes.  When it is bad – we ought to buck up and accept the consequences.  And I shall.  No thank you Uncle Sam – I can do it myself!

Look for the new site.  You won’t be disappointed.


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