Notes to Worries!

notes of a dream

While walking Flo this morning, a thought overwhelmed me that there are some cigars in my repertoire that are moving quite well and others that are not.  So what to do?  This, too after a dream that was quite disturbing regarding a group’s brand that I was representing and the weekly meetings (yes, weekly…this IS a dream) that took place somewhere – I couldn’t distinguish where.

In this scenario, I found myself working up the moisture of a rain forest across my forehead because I had heard through certain channels that “the boss” wanted to talk to me.  And that, in this group, can only mean one thing.  Fortunately the hazy movie in my head began to fade and all I can remember is a cup overflowing with apple juice.  The rest is a mental schmear.

bad dreamBut I couldn’t erase that uneasy feeling that there are manufacturers of cigars I represent that could be wondering, “Where are the orders???”  It’s so simple to explain, in the same words of the old Amway mantra, “Some will.  Some won’t.  So what!”

Sure.  I give my spiel and let the words come out.  Same words?  Never.  What I call a spiel is anything but.  It’s the truth.  Take it or leave it.  Yes, I’d like to sell your cigars, but I have to believe in the brand before I can sell it and that means the whole shebang – cost, quality, and whatever else contributes to the sale of a brand.

It’s true, as glib as it may sound to the uninitiated, I treat every cigar brand the same.  If I had more than one child, I could easily say that each was dear to my heart and I show no favorites – though if you read my last blog you’d call me a liar.  I’m only human.  Forgive me!

chocolate barListen, it’s the shop owner who ultimately has the last word which cigar will grace his or her humidor’s shelves.  Not I.  Do I sound like Pontius Pilate?  Some stores take an eternity to bring in a new cigar, others are quick to choose.   What I like is immaterial.  Like standing in front of a vending machine, some push the button for Famous Amos Chocolate Chip Cookies, others decide on the Snickers Bar.  It’s all edible just different tastes.

Hell, I had a guy who recently told me the cigar I suggested was a “Piece of shit!” –  this is blather despite the fact that the cigar is hot to trot and is currently in more stores this week than it was last week.  I just took a reorder this morning for that same “shit” cigar! Go figure.

So really, what AM I worried about?  With the climate what it is since the recent FDA ruling, ANY cigar manufacturer should be delighted that their cigar is being introduced to various shops.  Yet, I heard from a reliable source that one manufacturer has threatened to fire its in-house reps if sales don’t improve.  Ha Ha!  What did he think was going to happen with in-house sales reps – rain manna from heaven?  Ha Ha!

alfred e neuman

Whew, that’s a load off my mind.  No, in the end it’s the cigar.  It’s nothing to stew over I tell myself.  Some cigars are just going to move quicker than others.  I need to get more restful sleep.  Dreams like the one I had above are nonsense.  What?  Me Worry???


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