Miss You Strom.


Strom Farbarik was one of the first cigar reps I ever had contact with.  I remember it as if it were yesterday.  I was writing a story about the 8 to 8 Father’s Day Bash.  I wasn’t even a rep back then.  I was just walking around and gathering information for the article to be published in my attempt at Cigar Aficionado for the locals, Irv’s Cigar Review.

So as I’m taking photos and shyly looking around for people to interview, I notice this huge, burly guy at the end of the table that was piled high with boxes of CAO cigars.  I was walking toward him and as I did, he said “Hello.” and offered me a cigar.  I shook his hand, said “Thank you.” and asked for his card.  I sorely wish I could once again shake his hand and ask for his card, but the Lord got to do both first.

My condolences.  My Prayers.  Our sadness.  Rest My Brother.

I know you liked Joe Cocker, Strom – so now maybe you can finally relax, listen to the music and, with your new eternal friend – enjoy a cigar like you’ve never been able to before.  Amen.


Irv Schuett


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