The Sound of Cigars©

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The term “podcast” is derived from the media player, “iPod”, developed by Apple, and the term “broadcast”, the traditional means of receiving information and leisure content on the radio or television. When the two words were merged, the terms podcast, podcaster, and the art of podcasting were born.

A Brief History

Adam Curry, former MTV Video Jockey, with the cooperation of RSS feed developer Dave Winer, created podcasting, a sophisticated method of broadcasting that makes audio content available to listeners at their convenience, in an always on state. Starting at the grassroots level through the “Daily Source Code” podcast, a podcast was directed by the developers who worked at From there, many of these developers improved the code and produced their own iPodders. When people discovered that they could create and host their own radio shows, a community of pioneer podcasters was born. (

Can you guess what’s coming to

My son and I experimented today and it appears as if the test was a complete success.  Now you will ultimately be the judge.  I have to work with him to edit the program – The Sound of Cigars©.  (Registered Copyright is in the works for the program’s title.)  It will be a weekly, fifteen minute broadcast that will converge on all things cigars.  No guests – only the cigar and me, and the sounds that surround us during the program.

I’ve listened to quite a few cigar podcasts and The Sound of Cigars© is not among what is available.  Nor will it ever be.  If it morphs into banal banter, the program will change or be pulled.  That’s a promise.  The show will be a reflection of our culture.  Apolitical.   A respite from violence, vengeance and vitriol.

Give me some time to work it into the site.  There’s a lot going on this week and next, not only in the world of cigars – but in my own personal world as well.

I duly want to deliver to you my best.


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