Dilated pupils and STILL no cigar!


This is what?  Day four, five – but who’s counting?  All I know for sure is that I’m sitting in the eye doctor’s office, my pupils are dilated, and the time is slowly grinding by.  I had a 4:15 appointment and it’s now 6:15 and…

“Paul Schuett?”

Finally.  I had already let them know I was unhappy at 5:45, but was told that “you have to allow at least two hours.”  I grimaced.  All I could actually see was that the time was slipping away.

I’m with the doc all of five minutes.  We shake hands and I leave – or at least I head toward the elevator to make my exit.  My eyes are so dilated I’m lucky I can focus on the button let alone the elevator door.

I walk in and push what I think is the first floor button – his office is in the basement level.  I walk to the outside and the sun blinds me!  I mean, I can’t see a thing even with a prominent squint.  But I make it to the car and immediately put my sunglasses on and drive.  Is this safe?

I get home and discover to my abysmal disappointment, “I’m unable to focus on anything! No books.  No newspapers.  Nothing.  And I still can’t have a cigar yet!”


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