No “Groundhog Day” This Trip!


A restful night?  You bet.  I knew today was going to be a busy one so I’m thankful for a good night’s sleep.  No, I didn’t watch the debates.

Today I’m further into the bowels of Michigan and I can tell from the start it’s business as usual.  First, Smokes on Burdick, then Chicken Dan’s SouthStreet Cigar, and then it’s on to Campbell’s and on and on and on, until I’m finished.  Then it’s off to the hotel I go.

This trip is different, though.  Even though today was a carbon copy of my last trip here, there will be modifications tomorrow and for the rest of the week.  Finally something different.  Certainly I will visit the usual stops, but this trip I have new customers.


I’ve been coming to this state for many years as a broker and it seems to be one of the few I cover that always has cigar shop activity going on all the time.   And despite the climate created by the FDA, there are still people out here with dreams that they want to fulfill, damn the government’s incessant intervention.  Do I hear an “Amen!”

There are still people with vibrant visions.  If it’s a passion, you’ve got to reach for it with every fiber in your body.  It’s not like the play, “Your Arms Too Short to Box with God?”  Those who defy these odds are not trying to fight a losing battle, they are striving – and succeeding, to fight the regulations that have been placed upon this industry.

So, in essence, I’m changing the pattern of how I do things for the next three days.  I’ll be the first to admit that a trip with such changes is demanding, which probably contributed to my mood yesterday.  (Read the blog!)  But at the same time – this is exhilarating for me.

You see, I’m going on in this business as if. . . .  It’s what I’m doing after the “as if” that gives this broker’s life pizzazz.  Care to know?  Stay tuned.


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