Post Michigan Drive Dreaming.


Well, what do you expect?  I finished my only bottle of Cristal Brut 1990, and the last of my chilled Almas Iranian Caviar, obtained from the albino beluga sturgeon that lives in the Caspian Sea, was divine.  Although I was driving when I slurped down the Cristal and finished my last bite of caviar with a slice of bread, I enjoyed both thoroughly.   And now look what’s left after this historic or should I say histrionic trip to Michigan.  Notes and a banana.  Blah!


I’m back and what can I say?  Ok, I’m being a smart ass, I have that option.  Cristal is $17,000 a bottle and Almas can run up to $25,000d for 2.2 lbs. – luxuries that dreams are made of, uh?  I take ’em with me all the time to avert boredom.

champagne-roederer-cristal-brut-millesimeMaybe my gut was telling me something when I first started this journey and I didn’t listen.  A mistake not to listen to my gut.  But I made enough sales for it to be worthwhile, and I opened a few new accounts for 2017 and beyond.

So why dwell over the damn thing.  It’s over and that’s that.  Now I can look forward to being home for the next week and see what I can do here without the angst – and the additional $42,000 in expenses.


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