Thank you all for reading!

irv reading

When I read the paper in the morning, I go through it page by page scanning the headlines occasionally stopping to read the first paragraph of a story that catches my eye.  But for the most part, it takes a lot to grip me so that I read the whole story.

So I can imagine what goes through the minds of those of you who scan the FB pages and blogs and are able to search faster than I could ever turn a paper page to find something interesting to read.  Or better yet, something that stops the scanner cold to take in the entire post.

I’m not surprised with all the cigar reviews, blogs, and commentaries on the internet that many are missed due to just the way the world is today with our attention spans lasting about thatlong.  It takes a lot.  I know.

Therefore I am writing this to say “Thank you.”  I calls it as I sees it. (Thank you, Popeye!) I am very fortunate that so many people have clicked on my blog –  Irv CigarBroker: The Blog! (an app is available) – to read it.  I don’t know how much of the blog is actually read and I never will.  But at least something compelled you to put on the brakes and take a look. Maybe it was the picture or the headline of the story that planted a “Jack and the Beanstalk” legume in your noggin that instantly grew into a full-fledged read.

Really, knowing that you are enjoying the words, subjects, and the twists and turns of my views (however eccentric) of the cigar industry I write humble me – and saves me a hell of a lot of cash that I would be spending on therapy.  Seriously – I Thank You.



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