Irv reps Leaf AND Oscar now!

oscar in box

It’s true.  It’s bloody well true.  One door closes and another flies wide open.  If you recall, I was trimming my portfolio down to a manageable number.   Many cigars were cut, and I have others that are on the chopping block with the cleaver held high above my head. Momentum in check.

And today, I get a call from a manufacturer and he asks if I would be interested in representing his cigar.  It took me a second to answer, “Yes!”  The call was from Oscar Valladares of the Valladares Cigar Company.  This is the guy who makes The Leaf for Jim Robinson, aka Island Jim for all you Jimmy Buffett fans out there.

leaf display carmacks

Well, a year back, Mr. V blended his own cigar and called it The Oscar!  Non-movie related (Can he get away with that?)   And after months on the market to see if it’ll stick, he called and asked if I would be interested in introducing it to the shops I cover.  Like I said, it was an easy decision.

Now I have ‘em both so I won’t be missing one particular cigar at all.  Not at all.  Swing door.  Swing!!!

This new cigar has a Habano wrapper and is delicately cradled in a candela leaf about 3/4ths the way up the cigar.  (Yes, you disrobe it before you light it up.)  It comes in an extraordinarily inventive box and the taste is phenomenal.  It’s priced right and its pedigree is undisputed.

Excuse me I gotta join Leonard.


3 thoughts on “Irv reps Leaf AND Oscar now!

  1. Fat Old Italian Cigar Man

    I saw this unusually clothed cigar at my local lounge here on Long Island a few weeks ago but as I typically zero in on my favorite cigars, I didn’t purchase one. I’ll have to try one if they have any left the next time I’m there.



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