Walks? Cigars? Simply Irresistible!

irv walk

Exercise is part and parcel of a healthy lifestyle.  Exercise is part and parcel of fighting depression.  I have, for the longest time, refused to exercise.  My idea of exercise lately was taking Flo out for a walk and smoking a cigar.  That don’t cut it, according to the doc. So, just recently I began walking for my serious physical exertion.

Now I don’t mean a meander through the park.  Nope.  I mean fast walking.  I have begun to bi-pedal at a relatively quick pace for a minimum of 2 miles a day to start. Twenty minutes per mile.  Rain or shine.  I still have the cigar, but what the hell, give me a break.  I figure I would start out with something.  So each night or day, I put my jacket on, if necessary, and I begin to walk.  

It feels great.  I light up the stogie and I do have the time set for myself at 20 minutes for each mile.  Now, I’m beginning to shave off minutes so I’m down to 38 minutes.  Not a huge reduction, but it means I am doing something.

Now, the past few days I’ve been heading out to areas that are at least three to four hours out.  I’m sitting in the car and doing nothing except listening to books on tape.  Though I have to admit, the last two books have been disappointing.  One was on Phil Collins and the other Mike Love of the Beach Boys.  Both are narrated by the authors.  Poor choices. Yes, both can either play their instruments or sing, but when it comes to reading their own literary works – they are not Grammy material.

lindsey sterling

So as a result, I put those two aside and started to listen to Lindsey Stirling’s memoir. “Lindsey is an American violinist, dancer, performance artist, and composer. She presents choreographed violin performances, both live and in music videos found on her eponymous YouTube channel, which she created in 2007. (Wiki)  And she was also on AGT.  She’s the one that was booted off and then went on to make a living doing what she wanted to do, play the violin in her own eclectic, hip-hop style.  She’s good.  She’s entertaining to listen to and as far as narration, she is tops.

That being said, I’m really wound up when I get home from those long trips.  So now I actually look forward to the walk.  And when I’m done, to make sure I am rewarded with something other than just the rest of the cigar, I take my phone with me and settle down on the bench at the Patio Cigar Lounge (Open 24/7), cue Youtube and listen to Robert Palmer’s, Simply Irresistible.  The song has punch, vivacious verve, and a bevy of beautiful backup ladies in the band.  A creamy frosting.  The song further relaxes me to the point where I just wanna absorb it over and over and over.

636084500310652357-932091567_1270386-28341Tonight it started to slowly rain and tiny micro-drops of water began to decorate the cell phone’s screen as if small diamonds were descending from the sky adding flutter, glitter, and glide to the video.

Will I continue to walk?  Yes.  Will I lengthen my mileage?  Most definitely.  My goal is to shed stress and add hope.  Losing a few pounds off the middle is a bonus.

I’m writing this piece after my trip tonight.  I feel fine.  I’m paying less attention to social diversions, and finding that this is one way to make living my life the way I want it . . . Simply Irresistible!




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