Isabela Robusto Stands Out!

Only once have I mentioned one of my favorite cigars.  But this one is in the top one – the Isabela robusto.  After a rather rough start to the day, I was just finishing lunch and as I often do, was busy jotting down my thoughts on a napkin.  Today had, so far, been a lousy day.  I reread my scribbles over several times and I just couldn’t channel the angst and anger that had been created since I got into the car this morning into prose anyone would want to read in a post.

What to do?  I stared out the window.  I had to get out of this funk.  To do this, very often I will light up a cigar once I get back into the car hoping that that will do the trick.  Or at least numb the pain.  And that’s what I did today.  And I have to admit, with total honesty, I didn’t expect any cigar would have the power to pull me out of the black hole I was descending into at such a high rate of speed.

So I took this robusto out of the cellophane, tore off its band, and lit the foot expecting nothing more than a smoke.  I didn’t even roll the windows down.  But seconds later, I stopped fidgeting.  The aroma of the cigar entered my nostrils, and the tobacco flavors began to dance on my palate as if to say, “Wake up!  We can do this together!”  And indeed, the metamorphosis slowly began. I looked at the band that was on the car seat. 

Isabela.  In Spanish Isabela means, “My God is bountiful; God of plenty.”

What an exquisite “can’t take my taste off of you” moment.  From the get go I could not believe that I was smoking a cigar, when in fact, I was floating in the mist-filled clouds of heaven.   I just sat there totally mesmerized by its smoothness, the flavors, its impeccable draw, and the complexity of its essences.  

Here’s a cigar that has an aged Ecuadorian Connecticut DesFlorado wrapper, an aged Nicaraguan Medio-Tempo binder, and is delicately filled with Nicaraguan tobacco that must be a well-kept secret or all cigars would taste like this one – transforming my mood.

my favorite startThe DesFlorado wrapper is from a leaf that has been deflowered.  Meaning that the natural growth of the tobacco plant produces flowers and these are then removed to force nature’s flavor into the leaves and not into the resultant blossoms eventually bringing to the palate a flavor that is strong yet delicate and unique.

The Medio-Tempo is “One of the tiempos or type of filler leaves; the two leaves with the most robust flavor cultivated from the very top of a sun grown tobacco plant. They are incredibly rare,” according to a tobacco glossary from the Blending Room.

I didn’t (couldn’t?) move.  I just drew in more of this silken celestial smoke continually saying out loud, as if repeating a sacred utterance or manta, “Wow.  Holy cow.  My God this is divine.”  I was having a calming experience that rivals Valium.

my favorite nub

The pressure in my head began to dissipate, the tension in my body flowed into the atmosphere, the anger I had held onto up until this point was dissolving.  I was now focusing on the cigar’s arresting effects, its ability to capture the heightened but peaceful rhythm of my heart. I stopped wandering deeper into the depth of despair and was being drawn into the beguiling character of this natural creation.

This is an exceptional cigar folks.  A unique blessing indeed.

my favorite color

If the Isabela robusto were a woman, she would be such a captivating vision that once you noticed her it would be impossible to forget her hair, her eyes, her smile and – her being.  She would be in your dreams forever.  And you would never, ever let her go.



2 thoughts on “Isabela Robusto Stands Out!

  1. Fat Old Italian Cigar Man

    I love when a cigar can do that for me. I mean, almost all cigars are enjoyable, but every once and a while comes along a cigar that has been enchanted with special powers to completely soothe all ills and open one’s mind to the Higher Power and spiritual soaring.

    Nothing better.



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