A cigar broker’s reality.

no 1

Today turned out to be very profitable.  But if truth be told, I had other thoughts throughout the day.  Those I will not share.  But they were musings of calm, peace and love.  And I was able to muscle through the net of reality that covers all of us in such a way that I was lulled into a world of exotic fragrances and sweet emotions.

Call me what you will – a romantic, a fool of the nuances of nature.  But I have within me a very vivid imagination that I can call upon when I am overwhelmed and stressed.  And today I tapped into that world and held onto those images as I drove back to the hotel, while I ate my dinner, and then as I worked on the computer to complete business – and finally put them on paper while smoking a cigar of choice.  These words.    

I will cherish this time.  I will remember this day, yes – because of the stupendous success of sales, but also, and foremost the pull of the truth.  Not fashioned of the nettles of nets, but the caresses of the ceaseless introspection of what I know will be.  



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