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Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee by Jerry Seinfeld

Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee by Jerry Seinfeld.  Don’t miss June 11th!  See one of the most elegant shops in Chicago – Biggs.



Doris Salcedo’s art has a purpose as do the cigars from Guillermo Pena.  Salcedo’s work forces you to think outside of the box.  Pena’s cigars take you to sheer pleasure.  Both are thoughtfully and painstakingly constructed.  Both are unique. salcedo shirts Both are highly detailed.  Both are unforgettable.  I know.  I’ve experienced both.  You may want to take the same journey.

One of those moments…

g pena beginning

Burnt my lips on this one.  Guillermo Pena.  Havano Natural.  Wrapper is an Ecuadorean Habano Rosado, Binder and Filler Nicaraguan.  This is a near perfect cigar.  The ash, the construction, the flavor.

beatles rooftopThe whole experience is like listening to the Beatles when they performed their rooftop concert.  (The Beatles’ rooftop concert was the final public performance.  On 30 January 1969, the band, with keyboardist Billy Preston, surprised a central London office district with an impromptu concert from the roof of Apple headquarters at 3 Savile Row.)  The concert started without fanfare, suddenly and grew into one of Rock’s greatest moments in history.  pena perfect ash

Am I overstating this smoke?  No. This smoke started out smooth and mellow and then developed into one of the most memorable moments I can recall in some time.  I took the cigar to the very end.  Until…

g pena done

It was over.  But the memory will last.  But it doesn’t have to be a memory.  You can purchase one soon in the Midwest.  And experience the same fantastical moment in time that I did.

Go ahead ask for it.  Guillermo Pena Havano Natural.  Hmmm.

Cigar Surprise.

ct nic

I’m not a fan of Connecticut.  Wait.  Stop!  You know where I’m going here.  So let’s get down to it.  Connecticut seed Talanga wrapper, Nicaraguan binder and filler.  In the brochure there are words like “Classic toasty tobacco…creamy texture…sweetness and spice.”  That’s the problem with descriptions of cigars, You can’t taste the description!  (Unless you can write like Adam Platt of New York Magazine.)  adam plattSo the only try-to-describe word needed for the Santiago de los Caballeros is – ethereal.  I mean really, everyone has a different take on the flavor of a cigar so why try to describe the taste of a peach – just eat it.  Light up the cigar and experience it for yourself.  And you will be able to as soon as the stores begin to stock this cigar from Nicaragua.  Keep your eyes open.  I’m on it.  (By the way, I would have taken a shot of the cigar but I was enjoying it too much.) Ta.