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Make it a SPECIAL!

zombiesI‘ve taken a lot of written abuse from my last post where I implored the manufacturers to stop the IPCPR pre-sales.  Why?  Why not offer the retailer who is spending a lot of money to get to the show (this year in NOLA) really special deals.  Then those who don’t go – don’t get the special deals.  Offering 10 and one is a joke!  Some offer no deals.  Yet we as reps are supposed to “MAKE OUR NUMBERS AT THE SHOW. ” You can’t have it both ways Mr. Manufacturer.  The show seems to be thinning out each year.  Less and less people see the efficacy of going.  (I don’t care what statistics the IPCPR reports.)  Oh sure, it’s a social event.  Parties, meetings, friendly small gatherings.  I get it.  But money is money and right now the world certainly isn’t flush with cash.  Need I go into the situation in Greece or how about closer to home in Illinois?  Retailers who go to the show ought to get something special for their efforts.  Make it worthwhile to go.  You want to offer a special?  Make it hurt!  Give the retailer something spectacular!

It IS different.

alien cut off

Often when I pick up a new cigar I can’t help but feel as if I’m bringing in some sort of alien creature to the shop.  Yes, it’s a cigar, but what kind of cigar?  Good?  Bad?  Great?  The word that best describes it is different.  That’s all.  It’s not the norm.  The usual.  The perhaps dull.  I can read the shop owner pretty well when I introduce a new cigar.  Body language.  Eyes.  Distance.  Light?  “No thanks.”  Some shop managers and owners I think are afraid to try it because they might like it.  Then what?  Whoa!  Might I bring it in?  I do my research.  I have to like the cigar or I cannot move the cigar.  Zig Zigler taught that years ago. It worked then and it works today.  So just know that when a new cigar is introduced – try it.

Preview: La Verdad

la verdad

It feels great to have the chance to try a cigar before the general public.  You kinda feel, what, special?   I gave La Verdad a shot.  And if you’re into pepper and spice, this stick is right up your lighter.  The cigar will be released June 15th and who knows where it will go from there.

Created by Doug Owen of Texas, the idea to produce a cigar was ignited after the birth of his son.  Being a dad changed Owen’s life in more ways than one.

So welcome Doug – wishing you well with peppa!!!Ipepper

“Say buddy…”

                          ordinary guy with cigar

In reality it only takes one smoker to like a cigar in a shop for the owner to take notice.  I deal in boutique cigars.  Some have familiar names, some were just taken from the field and born yesterday. Whatever the case, it will always come down to the cigar.  If it’s good, has flavor, is constructed well for the right price the guys will take notice.  And this takes time because there are a lot of shops that won’t take a chance.  Hell, there are some customers who will smoke the same damn brand day in and day out.  You might as well smoke a cigarette.  The point is simple, when I introduce a cigar my job is done.  It’s up to the cigar to speak into the ear of the smoker and whisper, “Psst.  I’m a great cigar.”