America discovers Kolumbus.

kolumbus leaves

I just now received from Spain (well, not just now, it was earlier in the day, and truthfully it was given to me by the UPS guy, but you get the picture) a gorgeous tripak of Kolumbus Premium Cigars from Managing Director Marc Ripoll.  And I must say I am duly impressed, not only with the presentation and appearance of the cigars, but with the timeliness of the receipt. From SPAIN!

I have a great interest in cigars from other countries. So I’m always on the internet scrounging around for the cigar manufacturers that may fall through the cracks as everyone else is holding on for dear life for the newest domestic diamond.

To give a brief background, Cuban tobacco seeds made their way to the Canary Islands on one of Christopher Columbus’s subsequent trips to the Canary Islands.  He suggested to have the seeds scattered on the green hillsides and they eventually grew soaking up the similar climate of Cuba to produce the leaves we love.  “Kolumbus Cigars are made of 100% long filler natural palmero leaves and aged in Spanish cedar cellars” and then wrapped in Connecticut leaves.

So needless to say as soon as I rid myself of this nasty cold I am going to light up one of these beauties and see if they expand my taste buds or shut them down.

chris columbus smirk

I did find a picture of Chris after he had one (of course, even after arduous research, this conclusion is pure speculation), and he does look rather satisfied – don’t you think?  Hmm?

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